Our Vision

We envision a world where people fulfil their potential, have the courage and skills to drive change, and contribute meaningfully to their own lives and society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give people and organisations the tools to go further than they imagined. We foster personal growth and professional skill development to unlock new thinking and drive meaningful change in larger organisational frameworks.

This includes;

  • To be an incubator and/or accelerator for new skills, innovation and meaningful change for our beneficiaries.

  • To facilitate space and opportunities for new thinking to generate new direction, agency and tools for positive long lasting impact in communities and across sectors.

  • To model, nurture and celebrate a culture of innovation motivated by positive social change.

Our Values


We are curious and open to new ways of thinking and supporting people.


We are agile and ready to make meaningful change.

Passing on the Baton

We recognise where our work is done and it’s time for an individual or organisations to navigate the path forward.


We are consistent, honest, accessible and communicative. We don’t create barriers.


We hear, see and celebrate the people and organisations making change and taking courageous steps.