Liam Healy

Professional Development Award
Goldsmiths University
Ba Design


After the success of Hut F’s project with the London Design Festival, this year’s award winner, Liam Healy, decided that he wanted to create his own event that captured the maverick energy of creative design collaboration. The event, 24 Hours Design Make, was hosted in a disused lot in Deptford and caught the imagination of many festival goers, helping to put the South East London trail, at that time still in its infancy, on the map.


The idea behind the event was simple, create a space where teams of designers, makers and creative thinkers could gather to respond to a series of rolling briefs, exploring the diverse and shifting communities surrounding Deptford. The outcome was an exhibition of designed artefacts capturing these creative conversations.


The event began bright and early with a trip to the market to explore the objects in the area, with the participants attempting to form stories and ideas about Deptford and its inhabitants. The collected objects formed the basis to map these ideas about the areas origins and possibilities. A series of organised activities helped to fuel the creative conversations, often motivating and provoking informative debates.


At the end of this 24hour experiment, all of the experiences were captured  and expressed in the series of objects produced. A dynamic take on a design exhibition, perfect for challenging people’s preconceptions at the London Design Festival.