Jason Finch

Professional Development Award
Goldsmiths University
Ba Design


Like the first year of this award, second year students on the BA Design Course, were invited to submit applications outlining an experience that they wanted to embark on which could also count towards their commerical placement.

Jason proposed creating a new identity – GreaseFingers – for a project he was working with a larger charity in Lambeth to refurbish unwanted bicycles and ship them to Ghana where they could bring huge benefits to the community. Whilst he was volunteering with this charity they received a large donation of decommissioned bicycles from the Royal Mail. Jason set to work refurbishing the bicycles and preparing them for shipment to Accra in Ghana. To raise funds to cover the shipment of the bicycles, Jason also created a fantastic installation, involving a bicycle, a bucket and a potter’s wheel, allowing participants to create their own colourful spin paintings.


Refurbishing the bicycles was a huge task, but it paled in comparison with the complexity of shipping the goods to Ghana and overseeing their distribution outside of the capital. With great perseverance from Jason and a fantastic team on the ground in Ghana, all of the bikes were handed out to great appreciation from the local recipients.

The project was such a success that it inspired Jason to make his way out to Ghana after graduation, where he continued to oversee the shipment of recycled bicycles with Re-Cycle and set up a brilliant network of bike repair centres, first across Ghana and then in other countries in Africa.