Hannah Fasching

Professional Development Award
Goldsmiths University
Ba Design

Upon receiving the Professional Development Award, Hannah Fasching decided to extend her project The Interdial Cinema in exploring how our infrastructure and industry move away from natural resources and how we build new relationships with the natural environment.


The Intertidal Cinema addresses this superimposition of human structures over natural forces by transforming the wall into a piece of social infrastructure. It operates in this intertidal zone, between high and low tide, where inhabitants experience the extremes of the environmental conditions. Forming a new relationship with this infrastructure aims to transform architecture into a resistant social platform.


Supported by Artisa, she developed The Deep Ford in which The Intertidal Cinema attempts to transform the tidal beach of Deptford creek into a social space, transporting people back through the history of Deptford, told through a narrative of this unique place. Topographies of Deptford’s historical past are projected onto various structures, transforming the creek into an immersive social space.


The film tells a narrative of place through a conversation with the architecture itself to create a portrait of the urban landscape through the sites connected to how Deptford developed as a Dock. The voices of Deptford are used to animate various sites, the physical space takes on the voice of the social.


The Intertidal cinema took place as part of the London Design Festival from the 13th-15th of September 2014.